Andrew Chase spent his formative years in a religious cult on the shores of Massachusetts. At age nineteen, after deciding that a life of poverty, obedience and chastity was not for him, he hopped the fence and fled to southern Utah to become a whitewater raft guide. Ironically becoming the only person in recorded history to move to Utah seeking (and finding) a less religious environment.

After college, Andrew moved to Salt Lake City to work as a commercial photographer, and soon after bought a small welder to make a set of otherwise unaffordable security bars for his studio. After finishing the windows, he went a little crazy and welded all new furniture for his studio and apartment with mixed success. The bed and tables worked well enough but the couches and chairs although pretty, were cripplingly unergonomic and virtually un-sittable. Despite this, a number of Andrew's photography clients liked his furniture well enough to commission pieces for their own workplaces. As a result, ad agencies across the Salt Lake valley are littered with ridiculously heavy bookcases and conference tables with lethally sharp edges and not quite enough leg room.

Andrew has made a number of animal sculptures of ever increasing complexity but each still bearing the unmistakable stamp of his first creations; heavy, greasy, and with lethally sharp edges. Thanks to the internet, these creations have sold worldwide and are particularly popular with Belgians.